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Dragon Con 2013 Wrap-up

Sorry for the delay, but the boring trivialities of adulthood, i.e., work, took precedence over this fine trip down memory lane. So take a gander at all the colorful pictures. Remember that most of these impressive outfits were made by hand. With the exception of a few stuck up assholes, people loved posing for pictures and showing off the fruits of their efforts. And why not? Most of the outfits contained within this hoary tome of geeky goodness are simply awesome. If you ever have a chance to go to Dragon Con, I’d recommend it. Especially if you like cosplay. I may get crucified by saying this, but it’s kind of like a poor man’s Comic Con. And in a lot of ways, that may actually be a good thing. Anyhoo, that’s the rant. Enjoy the pics, and if you’re in Atlanta next Labor Day Weekend, hit me up!

Lastly, thanks to my friends Bianca, Kaung, and Tucker for additional pictures. 🙂


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