Interview with Adrian Corpuz

Pixel Art

The following is a transcript from an email correspondence I had with Adrian Corpuz, a fantastic indie developer. Check it out! Tyrus: Let’s start off with you telling me about yourself, what you do, and how you got into developing ...

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This Week in Geek – “Destiny, Bro!” Edition


I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a gaming spoof since the awesome series. But here it is, folks, “Destiny, Bro!”   A week of hilarity. Not much has been going on in the world of geek that I ...

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This Week in Geek – Minecraft Edition


A lot of things happened This Week in Geek. The idiocy in #gamersgate continues, with the revelation that top gaming journalists are part of a mailing group and discuss trends in the industry. Personally, I don’t find that entirely too problematic, but, as the ...

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Shower Thoughts – Recognizing Your Value


An interesting thing happened recently, I stood up to a bully at work (more on that at a later date), lines were drawn, and drama subsequently ensued. Part of that drama entailed negative things being said about me by some ...

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This Week In Geek – Gamer’s Gate Edition


There’s been a lot of controversy the last few weeks in the world of gaming. The whole fiasco has been termed “Gamer’s Gate,” and started with the story that indie developer, and writer for Kotaku, Zoe Quinn, allegedly solicited sexual favors for positive ...

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Shower Thoughts – On Kids and Presents

Shower Feet

When was the last time you really got excited about something? A hilarious thing we noticed a few weeks ago happened with Bailey and my nephew, Tré. The kids were gearing up for school and it was that lovely time of year ...

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This Week In Geek – Offspring Edition


Sirius Radio’s Lithium channel has been playing all things from The Offspring this weekend. Lithium also had a special where they played the band’s third album, Smash from beginning to end, with commentary from lead singer Dexter Holland and lead guitarist, Noodles. The Offspring is currently on tour, playing the ...

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This Week In Geek: 8-bit Matrix Edition

Dodge This

Seeing as I’m a bit behind (our of town, apologies), I’ll recap all the the happenings from This Week in Geek! As soon as I saw The Last of Us: Remastered released with a photo mode, I thought there was some serious potential for ...

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Impressions


By this point, you’ve seen twenty million trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy. You know there’s plenty of music from the 70’s and 80’s. There’s a talking Raccoon and Tree. The main character channels Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Part Star ...

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This Week in Geek – Thanos Edition


Lots of exciting new this week in geek, most notably being the release of Guardians of The Galaxy. Fans got to see Josh Brolin get some screen time as Thanos (and he looked badass). But there were some other juicy tidbits too! ...

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