Impressions of Eclipse #2

Eclipse 2

So I just finished reading Eclipse # 2 by Trevor Talbott and Scott Meier. If you didn’t read my thoughts on the first issue, you can check it out here. Eclipse is an interesting beast. The main character, Keith, takes it upon himself ...

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This Week In Geek – Star Wars Edition

Stormtroopers Cover

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the teaser for the latest Star Wars film dropped Friday. Needless to say, part of me can’t help but get excited (and not just at seeing a Stormtrooper again)! JJ Abrams, along with many ...

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Impressions of Interstellar

Black Hole

It seems we’ve been hit with a plethora of great movies the last few weeks. Of the films I wanted to see at the box office, Interstellar is near the top of that list. The missus and I finally got to see ...

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Impressions of Star Wars Rebels


If you’re not a fan of animation, “Move along, move along!” Seriously though, the predecessor to Rebels, Clone Wars, got progressively better as the series went on. In fact, it got dark (which was great). Featuring much of the same creative team that was at ...

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This Week in Geek – Eat Shit Edition


When I worked at Wake Forrest Medical Center a few years back, I remember a few physicians discussing fecal transplants to treat Clostridium Difficile, an opportunistic infection often seen in patients who’ve been on antibiotic therapy. Basically, the good flora in your ...

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I Grok – What makes a good game?


I was speaking to some friends about gaming today. During our discussion, the following question came up, “What makes a good game?” That’s a tough one to answer. Memorable titles, like the original Bioshock had a great story but followed a very linear path ...

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Interview with Adrian Corpuz

Pixel Art

The following is a transcript from an email correspondence I had with Adrian Corpuz, a fantastic indie developer. Check it out! Tyrus: Let’s start off with you telling me about yourself, what you do, and how you got into developing ...

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This Week in Geek – “Destiny, Bro!” Edition


I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard at a gaming spoof since the awesome series. But here it is, folks, “Destiny, Bro!”   A week of hilarity. Not much has been going on in the world of geek that I ...

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This Week in Geek – Minecraft Edition


A lot of things happened This Week in Geek. The idiocy in #gamersgate continues, with the revelation that top gaming journalists are part of a mailing group and discuss trends in the industry. Personally, I don’t find that entirely too problematic, but, as the ...

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Shower Thoughts – Recognizing Your Value


An interesting thing happened recently, I stood up to a bully at work (more on that at a later date), lines were drawn, and drama subsequently ensued. Part of that drama entailed negative things being said about me by some ...

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