The Water Cooler: Harvest Day


So here’s a new  bit I hope to do from time to time. I’ll be recounting great moments in gaming. This also includes fantastic stories I’ve found on the web or even submissions. So if you’d like to contribute a ...

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Why I’m excited about Wasteland 2

wasteland 2

I’m late with most things – late on arriving to events, late on buying games (largely due to waiting on sales), and yeah… just late. Anyhoo, I’ve been replaying the original Fallout of late (no pun intened) and something seemed to be ...

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I Grok: The Future of Virtual Reality


When I learned that Oculus Rift was bought by Facebook last week, my reaction was something like this. But before the dust seemingly settled, word got out that Michael Abrash had joined the Oculus team as Chief Scientist. Some may write-off ...

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I Grok: Optimism in the Apocalypse

In the metro

I’ve been on a binge of post-apocalyptic games lately. From the original Fallout to the beautiful Metro: Last Light, both titles have been on my gaming plate, bringing with them grayed-out worlds, weary survivors and a heaping array of menacing mutants. Yet despite that, ...

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Interview with Joshua Davidson, Sound Designer of Gearbox Software


Tyrus: I saw you went to Full Sail. What did you study in? Josh: I studied Recording Arts and graduated in 2007. Tyrus: Very cool. What happened after that? Josh: After that I was fortunate enough to land a gig right after ...

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Impressions of Contagion (Updated)

contagion header

I’ve been playing Contagion intermittently since the game launched its early Alpha, and as the Beta nears final release this April, the improvements to the title are staggering. Since I picked the game back up a few weeks ago, I haven’t ...

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5 (More) Things I’ve Learned From The Walking Dead

schools out forever!

The Walking Dead is full of life lessons for when/if a zombie apocalypse occurs. Here are 5 more things that I’ve learned from The Walking Dead on how to survive. 1 – Heroes Just Die Quicker You’ll probably run into ...

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What’s in a name?

Josh Cusack

When I was playing Rising Storm the other day with some friends, I took aim with my trusty M1 Springfield and put a bullet in an enemy soldier’s brain. The satisfying metallic thunk! told me my shot was true, and a second later, the ...

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Godzilla – Official Main Trailer


Enjoy the video guys and gals After watching this display of beauty there are no words in this world that can describe my excitement for this movie to come out. I’m going to be honest with you I have not seen ...

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Impressions of Orion: Dino Horde (Updated)


Orion: Dino Horde is an interesting beast. Built on the Unreal Engine, it evokes memories of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Tribes, and the original Halo: Combat Evolved. Throw in a dash of Left 4 Dead and you’ve got this game in a nutshell. You and a group of ...

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