This Week in Geek – Road Warrior Edition

Toe Cutter

Let’s recap the goodness from this week in Geek! Mad Max: Fury Road dropped a trailer at Comic Con. Looks amazing. It’s from Mark Miller, who wrote and directed the original Mad Max trilogy. Early screenings say this is like ...

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This Week in Geek – Doctor Who Edition

Doctor Who cover

Recapping this sweet week in geek from our Facebook page. Here it is! Had to embed this one. So Excited! Doctor Who Series 8 drops August 23rd! Woo hoo! And while we’re on the topic, check out some amazing Doctor ...

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Parenting in the Digital Age (Part II)


About a year ago, I wrote about a parenting in the digital age. I’m a step-father. My wife and I first started dating when step-son, Bailey, was nine years old. He’s now thirteen! Man has the time flown by! But ...

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I Grok: Returning to the Battlefield

BF3 cover

Per Wikipedia: The Oxford English Dictionary defines grok as “to understand intuitively or by empathy; to establish rapport with” and “to empathize or communicate sympathetically (with); also, to experience enjoyment”. The Battlefield series and I have a torrid love affair. I was late to the series, finally falling in ...

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This Week In Geek: T-800 Edition


Here’s a recap of all the cool stuff from our Facebook page this week. You should totally “like” that for your chance to win free swag! Anhoo, moving on. Here’s what happened This Week In Geek! This brings me back. ...

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Impressions of Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

I’ve been meaning to catch Edge of Tomorrow. Last week, my wife and I finally saw it. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The film portrays a war with an unknown alien species that has come to earth. We don’t know ...

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This Week In Geek: Boba Fett Edition

Boba Fett

Hey all, for those who don’t follow me on Facebook, I’ll be sumarizing some of what I post here on this (hopefully) weekly editorial where I recap geek news. Also, comments are being shut down. If you have something good ...

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Impressions of Eclipse #1

Eclipse cover

I had the pleasure of getting a chance to read Eclipse #1, a Kickstarter-funded indie comic. Like The Mighty Titan, this one takes some of the familiar superhero tropes and turns them on their head. The main character, Keith Calhoun, (who I assume goes ...

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Adult Swim (And The Comfort It Provides)


Adult Swim and I have an interesting relationship. I’ve been working in ICU on and off for a few years now. I spent my first four years working nights. Nights are often slower, with fewer family members, managers, doctors and ...

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Impressions of Metro: Last Light (Updated)

Dark One

I played the original Metro 2033 and while the first game certainly gets props for atmosphere and an incredibly fascinating setting, the gun-play sucked. This can be problematic when one considers that the Metro games are first person shooters. Gripes aside, any qualms I had with the original ...

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